Perfect Strangers
A virtual trip to the UK & the USA 






Is the Atlantic the only thing that divides the UK and the USA? The Irish writer George Bernard Shaw once said that England and America are two countries divided by a common language.

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Most people don't realise how great the differences are between British and American English. Did you know that there are over 4,000 words in everyday use in the United States that are not in British English?
Consider this example... Jenny, an American student, travelled to the UK. When she got off the airplane, she stepped in some mud and got her jeans dirty. When she met the people she was staying with, she said I apologise, my pants are dirty. They gave her a funny look. She found out later that pants is actually trousers in the UK and they mistakenly thought that she was talking about her underpants.

There are also huge cultural differences between the USA and the UK, despite having many similarities. People talk differently, and not just with a different accent or with different words, but also in the general tone and meaning. They have different ways of making friends, making jokes, interacting at work or at school, ...

On this website you will discover a few of these differences. I hope you enjoy the trip!

M. Pirson